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Machinerie G.A.S.'s mission is to design and manufacture combined shears/press brakes and to manufacture steel parts . Through research and development of new products, the team remains an industry leader and is able to satisfy demanding clients.

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762, chemin Olivier
Saint-Nicolas (Québec )
G7A 2N2 Canada

Phone : (418) 831-1417
FAX : (418) 831-4973


GINGRAS shear/press brake
The GINGRAS shear/press brake is a unique machine combining the functionalities of a shear and a press brake. In only 10 seconds, the upper ram rotates 180º, thus transforming the shear into a press brake, and vice versa. The positioning is secured by two hydraulic cylinders, which ensure permanent precision and adjustment.

Machinerie G.A.S. has acquired a wide expertise in production of dies that are adaptable to several shears and press brakes, as well as to the GINGRAS combined shear/press brake. The dies are custom-made to your specifications, and quickly delivered.

Machinerie G.A.S.’s reputation is based on the high quality and diversity of its subcontracting services. To meet its clients’ needs and offer competitive pricing and speed of service, higher management never hesitated in acquiring specialized equipment. In addition to its conventional machines, the shop also includes the following specialized devices:

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