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GINGRAS shear/press brake

Innovation: 2-in-one unit
The GINGRAS shear/press brake is a unique machine combining the functionalities of a shear and a press brake. In only 10 seconds, the upper ram rotates 180º, thus transforming the shear into a press brake, and vice versa. The positioning is secured by two hydraulic cylinders, which ensure permanent precision and adjustment.

Ease of use
The GINGRAS shear/press brake is very easy to use and requires only a few hours of training. Your operator will appreciate the GINGRAS’s diversity and flexibility compared to conventional machines. For example, the GINGRAS’s versatility allows for the cutting of a leg of angle iron lengthwise or the beveling of its ends. The upper rotating ram makes it possible to insert complex-shape parts.

Space saving
A combined shear/press brake machine takes half the surface taken by two machines, and requires a lot less maintenance.

Standard equipment

  • Motorized back gauge with speed and direction controls and digital readout
  • High chrome, high carbon tool steel blades
  • Blades with four (4) cutting edges
  • Adjustable shearing gap between the blades
  • Optical safety curtain
  • 36" squaring arm with scales in inches and millimeters
  • Transfer balls on the table
  • Two (2) easily retractable 48" workpiece supports

The shear/press brake is offered with CNC control and security devices, to be brought to compliance with the CSA Z142-10 security standard.

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GINGRAS shear/press brake

Facebook Vidéos

Bending a part on a brand new 10ft x 80 tons GINGRAS.

Posted by GINGRAS Shear/Press Brake on 12 février 2015

Changing mode from shear to press brake.

Posted by GINGRAS Shear/Press Brake on 12 février 2015

Close up shearing a 1/4" mild steel plate.

Posted by GINGRAS Shear/Press Brake on 12 février 2015

Our new 3 axis (X, Y1 and Y2) GINGRAS in shear mode.

Posted by GINGRAS Shear/Press Brake on 12 février 2015

Système de mesure d'angle sur la caméra de sécurité Pilz.Angle measurement on the Pilz safety camera.

Posted by GINGRAS Shear/Press Brake on 9 novembre 2010


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