Machnierie G.A.S.

Custom manufacturing

Lathe (CNC)
With the DMG 6-axis CNC lathe, it is possible to turn high precision parts for large and small volumes. Machinerie G.A.S.’s technical team can process your parts with accuracy from your 2D, 3D or free-hand drawings.

Milling machine
The CNC milling machine enables Machinerie G.A.S.’s technical team to manufacture large size parts. This high precision milling machine offers a capacity of up to 6 m (20 ft) in length, 1650 mm (65 in.) in width and 1220 mm (48 in.) in height. This device is used to manufacture bodies and machinery.

Machine fleet
Machineries G.A.S. owns numerous machines-tools to meet your needs.

DMG 6-axis CNC latheCNC milling machine


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