Machnierie G.A.S.

Several options are available:

CNC control
CNC control is used to reduce the GINGRAS combined shear/press brake’s start-up time when producing multiple angles and multiple dimensions parts.

Safety control
You can add safety control options to the shear/press brake and adapt it to the CSA Z142-10 safety standards.

Optional equipment
The following equipment is available to meet your needs:

  • Two- (2) axis, PC based, graphic CNC control
  • Y1 Y2 CNC ram control
  • Feissler Laser based press brake safety system
  • Digital readout on the Y axis
  • Hardened steel bed
  • Hydraulic clamping of punch
  • Extended back gauge travel
  • Wide variety of bending punches
  • Wide variety of bending dies
  • Urethane pads for holding cylinders
  • Laser alignment


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